Learn how North helps organisations achieve goals by creating a culture of alignment, measured progress and focus on outcomes over output.

1. Leaders set Organisation goals to communicate strategy and priority

First. create your organisation goals. Your teams look up to these goals to see what the company priorities are.

2. Teams create their goals to align to the Organisation’s goals

Your teams look up to these goals to see what the company priorities are to create their own goals.

3. Teams check-in to Goals to keep everyone updated

Check-ins help every stay updated on the goal progress. Pull data from a google sheet or update manually with a comment. Let everyone know if the goal is on-track, behind or at-risk.

4. Teams plan Initiatives that move the goals

Initiatives in North are where you define tack-ticks and roadmap to your goal. North helps you track initiatives right in context of the goal and key result you you can pick the right things to move the needle

5. Leaders use activity feed to keep-to-date

The activity view is where everyone can see daily progress on goals and initiatives, check-ins, new initiatives comments and awards.

6. Discussions happen in context

Comments and reactions to all initiatives, goals and key-results allow discussions to happen in context,

7. Celebrates with awards and reactions

Give awards when goals hit milestones. celebrate small wins with the team!

north is currently invite-only. Get in touch at sherpa@thenorth.io


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