Made for Makers 🛠

We’ve designed North for you – the makers and craftsmen. We’re building north to make you better at your craft. We know you can handle complexity, you’re a “power user” – You care about speed, you care about just enough, nothing more nothing less.

North is designed like a Japanese knife. One which does not teach you how to hold it right.. The skill is in the hands that hold it, It adapts to how you use it and gets out of the way.

North is a work in progress – but we believe you’ll enjoy using it.

Learn OKRs 📙
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OKRs Demystified
Are OKRs right for me?
Guide to adopting OKRs
Why not to use OKRs
Good OKRs vs Bad OKRs

OKR Resources 📚
OKR Templates
Google OKR Templates
OKRs for Product teams
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