Learn how to bring OKRs to your Organisation, step by step.

OKRs for not for everyone, so before you take on the journey of into OKRs, think about if OKR’s are right for your company? or learn more about how Google uses OKRs

Choose a data driven team to run an OKR Pilot

We suggest you pick the most data driven team which is already measuring outcomes using real data. In most companies, these could be are:

  • Sales teams (track revenue)
  • Marketing or Growth teams (track sign up conversions)
  • Product team (Tracking Activation, Retention, Engagement)
Run an internal workshop with leadership team

You can either hire on OKR coach or have someone internally do this. A full day OKR workshop includes the following

  1. Brief history of OKRs
  2. Why use OKRs
  3. OKR Examples
  4. Workshop for teams to come up with OKRs and review
  5. OKR implementation timelines
Run a Quarterly OKR Cadence
Pick 2-3 Important Goals

Once you have understood the benefits of OKRs and decided to try it at your company, we recommend a one goal one team pilot to try OKRs with. Discuss with your leadership team to identify the most important goal you want to track in the next 3-6 months.

Once you have identified your “one goal”, kick off a discussion with the team about using OKRs to achieve the your goal. It is important that everyone involved feels that this framework is going to help the team achieve their goals

Pick an OKR Champion or Hire an OKR Coach

The above two steps will give you a good idea about who from your team is the most passionate and skilled at OKRs, Nominate them as your OKR champions.

OKR champions help with the following

  • Help create a detailed implementation plan
  • Coach teams in OKRs as they go through the implementation phase
  • Get feedback from people on how OKRs are working for them what needs to change
  • Make sure teams update OKRs regularly
Write good Company OKRs

Inviting team to create their OKRs
OKR Review and Sign Off

Use a spreadsheet to run your OKRs

Don’t invest in a tool like north just yet. start by using our Google spreadsheet OKR templates first.

Do weekly Check-in’s

Either in person or async. Team OKR check-in’s are a must. check-in’s are a way for teams to signal if the goals are on track or if they need any help from other teams or leaders. In this step, teams call out blockers dependencies, and anything else that is important for them to meet the goal.

north is currently invite-only. Get in touch at sherpa@thenorth.io


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