Intrinsic motivation for individuals in teams come simply from being recognised for the work they do. See how to celebrate teams achievements in North.

Give Awards on Goal and Key result (KR) Milestones
  1. A Goal or KR Moved from 0
    A small step in the right direction is a great way to celebrate a small win.
  2. A Goal or KR reached an important milestone
    When a goal or KR hits 20%, 50%, quickly or on-time
  3. A Goal or KR is closer to completion
    When a goal or KR hits 75%, which, in the case of a stretch goal, is a great milestone.
  4. A Goal or KR is moved from at-risk to on-track
    When the team has worked hard to get a KR out of the red (at-risk) status
  5. A Goal or KR is achieved
    And finally, when a goal or KR hits 100%, is a great occasion to recognise celebrate your team’s achievement.
Give Awards on Initiative Milestones
  1. A new Create Initiative idea added which may will move the KR
  2. An initiative is completed fast or on time
  3. In initiative is moving along swiftly and the team is going great work
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