“There are so many people working so hard
and achieving so little” – Andy Grove,
CEO of Intel, father of the OKR Framework

We’ve seen this first hand.  Brilliantly talented people are working hard, yet achieving so little. They put their heads down, grinding away at daily tasks, without a real sense of goal or direction.

People don’t see how their work impacts the world with no set goal to achieve. And so, they approach their work as a series of to-dos. This is uninspiring, demotivating, busy work and is a road that leads to nowhere.

leaders spend time and money on building products, yet most end up building things that no one wants and will never use. And when they do get it right, Founders often fail to align their teams such that everyone is pointed in the same direction.

This doesn’t benefit anyone. People spend most of their lives at work, they should go home at the end of the day feeling content, knowing their work means something. And the money businesses spend should actually make an impact in the real world.

Project management tools focus on outputs

Tools like Jira, Asana, or Trello help teams focus on output, not outcomes. These tools encourage leaders to get busy creating endless backlogs. The tasks roll into sprints, sprints roll up to releases and before you know it, your delivery pipeline is a treadmill going nowhere. Working hard, but achieving so little.

We want to help reduce this waste so all that hard work, time, and money go into the meaningful outcomes businesses and teams set out to achieve. We want to help founders and executives make better decisions, align teams, measure progress, and ultimately, build products that people need and value.

We want to make this better

One of the biggest reasons for human success is our ability to have a shared purpose. North enables teams to have a holistic understanding of the organisation’s goal. Teams can choose and innovate their own path to success.

With North, we hope makers will be able to add things to this world that are valuable to people.

About us and our mission

North is a single app for Strategy, OKRs, and Initiatives

North is built for data-driven companies that want to make an impact.
Companies of all sizes use North for strategy, goals and Initiatives.

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