We’ve designed North for makers and craftsmen. We know you can handle complexity – You care about speed, you care about just enough, nothing more nothing less.

North is designed like a Japanese knife, one without affordances. The skill is in the hands that hold it, It adapts to how you use it and gets out of the way.

Sense and respond
  1. Observe with keen curiosity
  2. Respond with thoughtful design
  3. Discover continuously
Without thought
  1. Support interactions that happen spontaneously
  2. Let the Interface feel like an extension of the person using it
  1. North fades in the background
  2. People shouldn’t notice the UI
Context > Consistency
  1. Break consistency to allow for context

North is a work in progress – we believe you’ll enjoy using it.

North Features
Org and Team goals
Goal Initiatives
Goal Check-ins
Give Awards
Goal Alignment

Our take on Product
On Product discovery
Communicating well
Metrics for Product teams
Telling stories with data
Data visualisation


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