One thing that is often missed in OKRs is the strategic roadmap which shows what teams are doing to achieve their goals. In North, we’ve built Initiatives right under goal and key results so that it helps teams see the actual work they do toward achieving their goals.

Initiatives in North allow teams and leadership to brainstorm and discuss the best path to achieve goals. Think of Initiatives are strategic high-level projects. North helps pick initiatives that have the most impact on your goals.

How initiatives fit in to the bigger pitcure

Software engineering and product teams can think of Initiatives as Epics or a Collection of Epics,


  • Have a clear end date
  • Are things that need tracking and executive reporting
  • Are things that need executive escalation when not on track
  • Are NOT granular tasks that belong to the Projects or Epics

North Features
Getting started with North
Org and Team goals
Goal Initiatives
Goal Check-ins
Give Awards
Goal Alignment

Our take on Product
OKRs for AARRR Metrics
On Product discovery
Communicating well
Metrics for Product teams
Telling stories with data
Data visualisation

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