If you are just starting out with OKRs’ North is not for you, yet. We recommend that you use the North OKR template for Google Spreadsheets to get started.

Download the Google Spreadsheets template for OKRs

Please fill out this 500-page… (just kidding) – Download the Google Spreadsheets template for OKRs. This is how we started, we used google sheets for 2-3 quarters, until the process began to break, and then we built North 🙂

Use Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets and Site) to run OKRs for Free

Looking to learn more?
☞ Start with what are OKRs.
☞ Here is a small list of curated OKR resources from the internet.

North Features
Getting started with North
Org and Team goals
Goal Initiatives
Goal Check-ins
Give Awards
Goal Alignment

Our take on Product
OKRs for AARRR Metrics
On Product discovery
Communicating well
Metrics for Product teams
Telling stories with data
Data visualisation


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