North is a simple platform to manage your Strategy, OKRs and Initiatives.

Align your teams to goals

Help your teams see the bigger picture by aligning them to business goals.
so they can see how their day-to-day work connects to business outcomes.
Read why we’re building North

Set measurable targets

Teams measure progress towards goals
so they know if they are headed in the right direction

Prioritise initiatives that move goals

Prioritise and track projects that have the highest impact on your goals.
See which initiatives help move the needle.

Helping you go from output to outcome

See how North works

North OKR and Goal Management
What is North?

North is a company-wide goal-setting system designed for organisations to improve alignment and be outcome-focused. North is based on the OKR framework used by companies like Google. If you’re getting started with OKRs – check out hand-picked OKR Resources.

How does North help?

Traditionally goals and strategies are communicated via PowerPoint, once a year and then forgotten. North fills the gap between PowerPoint and Jira (or asana), and puts goals front and centre – so when teams start executing, they know the final goal. Here’s why we’re building north

Founders and CEOs

North gives you a platform to manage all your company goals, it allows you to create alignment with your teams and let them know what the organisation wants to achieve.

Managers and Teams

North gives meaning to your work. It connects all the dots and helps you see the impact your work has on your organisation’s goals, and overall mission.

Hear from leaders using North

“North has been really helpful in getting alignment within and across teams. Especially being remote, we can’t imagine life without North anymore.”

“I am a firm believer in OKRs – North is now my go-to app to track everything, right form Goals, key results, and Initiatives. North has brought tremendous clarity to the team. I highly recommend OKRs and North to all CEOs.

“Radix is a very numbers-driven company. North has helped reinforce getting visibility to our annual business targets. Our teams find it useful to know how things are pacing and always keep important milestones front and center.

One app for Strategy, Goals, and Initiatives

North is built for data-driven companies that want to make an impact.
Companies of all sizes use North for strategy, goals and Initiatives.

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North Features
Getting started with North
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Goal Initiatives
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Goal Alignment

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