Magical things happen when inspired people work toward a shared goal.

Align your teams work to business goals

Most people work off a todo list. How many people in your team know the real goal behind the work they do? North helps peoples connect their work with real measurable goals.

Set goals and measure progress

Set team goals and measure progress. Visualizing progress and achieving goals is one of the best motivators for teams.

Prioritise initiatives to have an impact

Today you may find hundreds of ideas in your company, how do you decide which ones the right bet. You either choose by HiPPO or just pure guesswork. North helps you pick the right projects that have the most impact on company goals. North helps bring ideas from everyone in the team and then help tag and prioritise them all in one place.

Give and get contextual feedback

Once a year feedback are a thing of the past, give actionable contextual feedback to have a most impact. Build strong relationships with your teams, be a coach and help your team succeed.

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