If you are just starting out with OKRs’ North is not for you, yet. We recommend that you use the North OKR template for Google Spreadsheets to get started.

Download the Google Spreadsheets template for OKRs

Please fill out this 500 page… (just kidding) – Download the Google Spreadsheets template for OKRs. This is how we started, used google sheets for 2-3 quarters, until the process started to break, then we built North 🙂

Next, learn about OKRs

First step to do OKRs right is to educate yourself. There are lots of amazing resources available online. here a small curated list

Then, pick a team to pilot with

The best team to pick in your company to try OKRs is the one that is the most data driven. Find a product, or Marketing or Sales team leader who is already using KPI’s to drive results and get them to try OKRs.

Learn OKRs 📙
What are OKRs
OKRs Demystified
Are OKRs right for me?
Guide to adopting OKRs
Why not to use OKRs
Good OKRs vs Bad OKRs

OKR Resources 📚
OKR Templates
Google OKR Templates
OKRs for Product teams
OKRs for Marketing Teams
OKRs for Sales Teams
OKRs for CEOs

north is currently invite-only. Get in touch at hello@thenorth.io


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