Real life OKRs used by real product teams.

= Objective and 🏳 = key Result

Sales Leader OKRs

Hit company bookings target for Q1
  • 🏳 Secure $10M in sales by end of Q1
  • 🏳 60% of sales team should achieve quota
  • 🏳 40% of overall sales should come via new product
  • 🏳 Attend 3 industry events by end of Q1

Sales Manager OKRs

Become a more effective sales machine
  • 🏳 Launch the energy vertical sales plan by end of Q1
  • 🏳 Hire 3 new sales managers by end of Q1
  • 🏳 Propose lead territories for 3 new regions given latest lead scoring rules by end of Q1
  • 🏳 Ensure that the sales certification program is in place by end of Feb
  • 🏳 Create new rules of engagement on sales compensation commission by Jan 31st
◎ Expand our presence in new region
  • 🏳 Hire 2 new Sales Executives
  • 🏳 Meet 45 new leads by the end of Q1
  • 🏳 Work with marketing to build sales product collaterals

Account Executive

◎ Set up new bookings pipeline to achieve Q1 Targets
  • 🏳 Contribute $250K in bookings by the end of Q1
  • 🏳 Contribute $1M in new pipeline by end of Q1
  • 🏳 Keep pipeline 3x the sales target at all times
  • 🏳 Deliver 40% of territory bookings via upsell and cross-sell
  • 🏳 Achieve linearity targets with 20% closed by end of month and 50% closed by end of month 2
◎ Ensure quality activity on leads and opportunities
  • 🏳 Maintain 100% of opportunities that are not older (younger) than 60 days 2. Convert or downgrade all leads within 14 days
  • 🏳 Meet with 75 new opportunities by the end of Q1
  • 🏳 Document 50 new discoveries in SFDC for Q1

Sales Representative

Define and implement SDR social selling process and guide
  • 🏳 Craft a social selling email template by February 13th
  • 🏳 Send social emails to 10 contacts per week for the duration of Q1 3. Train 3 new SDRs on social selling best practices
  • 🏳 Touch 100% of leads every week
Aim to Exceed 2021 quotas by 100%
  • 🏳 Create a strategy for account tier by end of the month
  • 🏳 Generate 30 Sales Qualified Leads by end of Q1
  • 🏳 Source 10 Tier 1 CXO meetings by March 1st
  • 🏳 Bring in $100k in sales by end of Q1

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