Step 1: Choose a goal outcome

  1. Navigate to the goal or KR you want to close
  2. From the Menu choose “Close Goal” or “Key Result”
  3. Choose the right outcomes for the goal or key result

When teams achieve the Goal

When goal was nearly missed

When teams missed the Goal

When the goal was reprioritised

When choosing an outcome, it is important to consider how committed vs stretch goals should be rated. See the table below which is often used by companies.

% Complete of a Stretch GoalOutcome
> 70%Completed
< 40%Missed
% Complete of a Committed GoalOutcome
< 60%Missed

Step 2: Add a closing note

A closing note is a retrospective on the goal. It can include sections like What went well, What can we improve, What are we learning and action items.

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